Alzner's Competitive Spirit Annoyed Wife During Lockout

The 2012 NHL lockout -- unfortunately, there have been so many work stoppages that they must be dated in order to identify them -- came to a merciful end Sunday, which warmed this blogger's skeptical heart. 

Of course, my excitement over finally being able to write about actual games again surely pales in comparison to the feelings that the hundreds of players who have been unable to work must be feeling. Like 22-year-old Capitals defenseman John Carlson, who jumped up and down on his bed upon hearing the news. At least, that's what I gathered from this tweet

While Carlson was doing that, his defensive partner, Karl Alzner, was giving an interview to Canadian news outlet TSN, where he discussed how stir-crazy he was getting during his extended offseason in his hometown of Calgary.

"We're so used to having some competition and being busy so often, so when you aren't, you don't really know what to do with yourself," he told James Duthie. "It's not like you can go out and sign up for another job in case you have to leave right away. You want to keep yourself busy somehow. I know that my wife was saying she didn't want me to play any sort of card games or any board games with her or her family because I was getting too competitive because I had no outlet. That's when you know something's wrong."

Don't worry, Mandy (who makes excellent cupcakes, by the way). Your husband now has something to satiate his competitive appetite. 

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