JaVale McGee Can Name That Tune

This past season the Wizards featured short videos during games of players being silly. None are more hilarious than "Name That Tune."

We can’t embed the videos, but you can see them all here. Watching Andre Blatche sing Celine Dion and Hamady Ndiaye dance to Rick James is worth the click.

One thing that jumped out at us was that JaVale McGee always seems to get the song right. Whether it was The Beatles or Fleetwood Mac, he knew every one. We asked him about it and got some unsolicited commentary from a nearby Trevor Booker in the process.

Capital Games: “How is it that you were able to get all of them right?”
Javale: “I listen to a lot of music…”
Trevor: “He cheated.”
JaVale: “…my mom and my dad…”
Trevor: “It’s ‘cause he cheated.”
JaVale: “..they listened to a lot of stuff when I was growing up.”
Trevor: “Because he cheated.”
JaVale: “He’s just jealous. He’s sad.”

We’ll admit, it seems a little suspect. But JaVale’s interest in music is well documented. He spends much of his free time putting together hip hop beats and posting them online for fans.

Don’t look for DJ JMAC to be trading his blocks for beats, though. He assures us that his first love is still basketball.

“I’ve been doing (music) since high school,” he told us. “It’s just a hobby.”

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