Is Ovie Getting His Offseason Fill of Russian Beauties?

Glamour girls help Caps star launch clothing line in Russia

Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin has already said this summer that what he misses most when he's away from his homeland is the Russian beauties -- and that sex really helps warm him up for a match.

But is he overcompensating too much this offseason? As reported by SovSport -- and translated for Puck Daddy  -- Ovechkin arrived at the Russian launch for his clothing line in a Hummer limo with a bevy of Russian beauties, models and singers from Russian pop groups.

Ovechkin offered them some pointers before they faced off in a field hockey match. Ovechkin played coach, play-by-play man and doctor -- wiping away one woman's tears after she was hit in the face by a ball.

Next, a contest to speed-dress the girls in Ovechkin's line.

After the event, Ovie revealed that he prefers redheads and that the English word he uses most starts with F. No mention of whether it rhymes with "puck."

Sheesh, is this guy gonna have any energy left come fall?

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