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Here Are 5 Potential Options for a New Name for the Redskins

The Washington Warriors seems most possible. Here's why

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Update (July 3, 2020, 3:07 p.m. ET): The team said for the first time that they would review their name. Go here for full updates.

FedEx, one of the Redskins' largest corporate sponsors, sent shockwaves through the organization Thursday evening when it formally requested that the team change its name. FedEx has the naming rights to the team's home stadium, FedEx Field, through a deal that runs through 2025.

So, if the Redskins do indeed change their name, it's worth wondering what they could change it to. Here are five potential options.

1. Washington Warriors

The alliteration gives this name a nice roll off the tongue. Moving from Redskins to Warriors would not be too difficult of a transition, as the team could keep the same color scheme and revert back to its old spear helmet design.

This is also probably the betting favorite for the change. When Redskins owner Dan Snyder first purchased the team, he trademarked the name Washington Warriors, hoping to use it for an Arena Football league team before the league folded in 2009.

By making this change, the team could keep its colors and use one of its old logos. There may not be an easier switch than this.

2. Washington Red Tails/Redtails

This example gained popularity just a few weeks ago when a Reddit user proposed the idea. And it's a great idea.

"Anyone else feel its time for the Redskins to change their name?" Reddit user RO16 wrote. "The Redtails were a unit of black fighter pilots in WWII back when the military was still segregated. Redtails even works with the fight song, just change "braves" to "men."

User @RO16 attached a design from user mbingcrosby on 99designs, and it's quite sweet.

3. Washington Skins

Yes, simply taking the 'Red' from the moniker is an option. In this situation, 'Skins' could be used as a short for 'Pigskins,' a universal nickname for the football. This scenario allows the team to keep an already frequently used nickname, 'Skins,' while removing the racist Native American history from it. 

Sure, coming up with a logo could be a tad difficult, but harder things have been done.


4. Washington Federals/Senators

Washington Capitals, Washington Nationals ... you get the idea.

However, the Senators would be a tad odd because it was the former name of the city's baseball team before they left for Minnesota. 

5. Washington Griffins

There are several NFL teams named after birds, and the griffin is one of the coolest birds out there.

Yet, this idea likely won't happen because of a certain quarterback the team used to have. 

Bonus: ESPN's Field Yates might have the best idea of them all.

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