UNC Loses Starting QB For Six Weeks

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I'd hate to put too much of a damper on the generally good vibes that have been emanating out of Chapel Hill- god knows they've needed it over the past couple of years. But I'd hate to think that their season may ending up having peaked at Piscataway a couple of Thursdays ago (then again, Rutgers even being on TV in the first place might end up being the peak of their season as well)- at one point on Saturday, they were up 17-3 and about to dispatch Virginia Tech and grasp a position as front-runners in the ACC Coastal, a prediction seemingly borne out of boredom with the Hokies getting it done year in, year out. Nowadays, they might have to see a possible December in Nashville as being the best-of scenario. With a schedule that ratchets up its intensity almost instantly, UNC will be without starting QB T.J. Yates for the next six weeks. Obviously, Butch Davis ain't never scared, particularly since Mike Paulus is the kind of Elite 11 dude that was supposed to augur the new regime's recruiting dominance (even if he was nabbed by John Bunting, I'm sure Butch eased the transition). Of course, I've got a Peter Lalich throwback if you think that's going to be enough in and of itself.

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