Seven Rays Fans Arrested After Game Two

You can say what you want about Tampa Bay Rays fans, they don't support their team, their love of cowbells is annoying, their mohawks look stupid, but you can't say they're an unruly bunch. The most trouble I'd ever heard of a Rays fan getting into was that kid who got suspended for sporting one of those ridiculous mohawks.

Of course, this all could just be a result of the fact that there are usually only a couple thousand people in attendance, and the constant losing tended to sap those fans of any energy they had. Whether that energy was positive or felonious. Well, it's starting to look like success breeds criminals, because seven Rays fans were arrested after their team won game two to even their series with the Red Sox on Saturday night.

They don't exactly make up Murderer's Row, but seven people managed to get themselves arrested Saturday night at Game 2 of the Rays-Red Sox series. Two more and they could have fielded a team.

Among the arrests are disorderly and obnoxious drunks who couldn't keep their commentary to themselves, a trespasser who tried to get into the stadium through the employee entrance, and a man accused of stealing a player's bat from the tunnel behind a dugout.

There were also 55 people ejected from the ballpark during the game, and this all comes after five people were arrested and 32 were ejected during game one. Now I know that they aren't flipping cars or setting couches on fire, but give Rays fans some time. I mean, if the team was able to turn their performance around so quickly this season, I'm sure the fans will pick up their destructive instincts in no time.

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