Redskins' Shaun Suisham Misses Field Goal, Gets 3 Points vs. Cowboys Anyway

During Sunday's Redskins-Cowboys game, Washington kicker Shaun Suisham lined up for a 33-yard field goal. As I was watching live, I thought the kick missed, but the officials immediately put their arms up, and I figured I just saw it wrong and didn't think much of it.

Well, now The Landry Hat points out that you can watch the game highlights at, with the field goal in question coming at the 2:12 mark. And I believe that the ball went just wide left (to the right from the vantage point of watching the highlights) and the official standing directly under the goal post screwed up.

It's possible that I'm seeing it wrong on the replay and the official under the goal post saw it right, but I don't think so: I've reviewed the play frame-by-frame in high-definition via the DirecTV short cut, and I think the camera angle actually gives people watching on TV a better view than the on-field official had. It's a strange call to get wrong, but I think that official did. And it was extremely costly for the Cowboys, seeing as they lost by two points.

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