Pitt Wins Big East Tournament

Georgetown had looked really, really good heading into the Big East Tournament Championship game. They dominated and seemed to be doing everything right. They were the #1 seed in the BET and the Hoyas had never lost a game when seeded first.

Pitt was coming into this game having been there 6 of the previous 7 times. Yet, with only 1 time getting over the hump and winning the whole thing. Pitt also had to play an extra game since they were a 7th seed. Only Syracuse in 2006 had won the BET after playing 4 games (beating Pitt who also had to play 4 games).

The Hoyas jumped out quickly. Taking a 6-0 lead as Pitt turned the ball over twice and put up a single wild shot. Georgetown was hitting their 3s early and it looked like they were going to keep Pitt from even having a chance. Pitt regrouped quickly, though, and kept it close. Pitt was simply more active on the glass. Completely dominating in rebounds.

The extra chances allowed Pitt to attack on offense. They went at the Hoyas and continued to draw fouls. The problem for Pitt was that they couldn't make any free throws, to keep in close.

Pitt continued to attack in the second half and started opening up a lead on Georgetown. The Panthers remained active on the glass and just outhustled Georgetown.

Pitt also continued to miss free throws, which kept Georgetown just within reach. As Georgetown began to close the gap late, Pitt had shot a horrible 11-29 on free throws. In the final couple minutes, though, Pitt went 11-15 at the line to put the game out of reach, and Pitt captured the Big East Tournament Championship 74-65.

The win probably makes the seeding for the NCAA Tournament that much more chaotic. Georgetown was in line for a 2 seed, before they lost. Pitt may end up rising from an 8 seed at the start of the week to a possible 4 seed.

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