Pitchfork: College Football Better Than Kings Of Leon

Eh, in the spirit of the season, why not play a little inside baseball? Though I realize that combining "awareness of something written on Pitchfork" and "comments sections" always leads to discussions that truly raise the bar for cultural criticism and good taste, I have no hesitation pointing the Fanhouse reader to today's article by William Bowers, which tries to survey an unfortunately barren nexus existing between college football and indie rock. Of course, I'd only recommend it after you read Friday's phenomenally trenchant review of Ice Cube's "The Essentials." Seriously, that guy's a genius.

Bonus points to Bowers for namedropping UVA's 1995 victory over Florida State vis a vis David Berman, but points off for not bringing up the fact that no less than two songs on Animal Collective's "Feels" sound pretty much exactly like Rocky Top. Or that Tennessee could easily be represented by "Livin' Small" off the Volunteers album by Onelinedrawing. Not just because the album and song title are apropos, but because it's quite possibly the worst song ever written.

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