Karma Truly Isn't Kyle Busch's Friend

I'd imagine you've seen a thing or two about this story in the past couple of days, but in case you haven't, it's worth reading about.

Essentially, the gist of the of the story is that somebody, somewhere is very happy to rain on Kyle Busch's parade in 2008. You remember Busch, right? That guy who has won eight Sprint Cup races in 2008? Or, more timely, the guy who finds himself just puttering through the Chase for the Sprint Cup in 12th-place, wondering how tables can turn so fast.

Busch, who's scheduled to race in Friday night's Craftsman Truck Series race at Texas Motor Speedway, got to the Lone Star State track Thursday only to find that his No. 51 Billy Ballew ride had been charred in a fire along the interstate in Shreveport, La.

The fire left only one race truck -- reports are conflicting so we don't know whether or not it the primary or the backup that was salvaged from the fire -- and a pit box usable, and burned up the rest of the equipment. This bad luck for the team and continuation of bad luck for Kyle Busch simply is incredible to me.

Despite all of that -- a truck burning up, a donated transporter to get it to the track, cleaning the water out of the race engine -- Busch was able to make an incredible run in qualifying for the CTS race by putting the No. 51 third on the grid.

I won't admit to being the biggest Kyle Busch fan, but the stack of cards he's been dealt late in the season after the tremendous way he started 2008 doesn't come close to being fair, and for him to take a truck that had literally burned up -- take a look at this picture that shows the decal had been charred -- and put at the front of the field for a major NASCAR race is incredible.

Hopefully, for Kyle Busch fans, this is the turning of tables back towards the the not-so-far-off days of Shrub domination in NASCAR after his horrible luck of late.

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