Georgetown Has Another Departure

Vernon Macklin has found his new school after deciding that Georgetown wasn't for him. He's heading to Florida.

Meanwhile Doc Rivers kid, Jeremiah, has also decided that Georgetown wasn't showcasing his skills outside of his defense.

Daddy Doc, would have preferred he stayed.

"It's something he wanted to do," said Doc Rivers. "I loved where he was at. He wants to be happy in a different system. He loved Coach [John ] Thompson. I love Coach Thompson. It was a tough one.

"I didn't try [to change his mind] because if I did and it didn't work out then it's Dad's fault. I did try to show him where he was at as far as school. He was playing a lot and had a great chance to start the following year."

He's transferring to either Indiana or Georgia Tech. Indiana is presumed to be the favorite. That would balance things a bit. Another son of a former NBA player, Patrick Ewing, Jr., transferred to Georgetown from Indiana.

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