Dan LeBatard Rips Tony Kornheiser for Saying Matt Millen Was Qualified to Run the Lions

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One of the strange things about the Matt Millen reign of terror over the Detroit Lions is that he was even hired to run the team in the first place. Most of the time, a guy who gets full authority over a football team has to have experience as a scout or executive or coach, not just as a player and TV analyst.

So it was bizarre to hear ESPN's Tony Kornheiser claim on today's Pardon the Interruption that Millen was qualified.

"I know him a long time," Kornheiser said. "I think he was qualified for his job. I think that his years of being a player, and his years of being on television, helped him evaluate personnel. I'm stunned by the totality of his failure because I like the guy a lot."

Dan Le Batard then proceeded to tell Kornheiser he's nuts.

"You're sucking up to him because he's friends with you," Le Batard said. "Because you guys have always liked him and this is how he's gotten ahead. He should have never had that job."

But Le Batard wasn't done there. For the rest of the show, Le Batard made fun of Kornheiser every chance he got. When they talked about Ozzie Guillen, Le Batard all of a sudden changed the subject and demanded, "How can you defend Matt Millen as being qualified for that position?"

It happened a few more times over the course of the show, Le Batard ripping Kornheiser and Kornheiser growing visibly irritated. It was great entertainment.

And it was a great point by Le Batard: It's dumb for Kornheiser to suggest that hiring Millen was anything other than one of the all-time boneheaded moves by owner William Clay Ford. I'm glad Le Batard was there to call Kornheiser out.

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