Cullen Harper Thinks Tommy Bowden Got What He Deserved

Watching ESPN's First Take this morning, while reporting the news that Tommy Bowden had been fired by Clemson, a quote from Cullen Harper was reported saying that, "Bowden got what he deserved."

In the aftermath of the loss to Wake Forest last week, Bowden announced that Harper would not be the starter this week. Basically throwing Harper under the bus. So naturally, Harper wants nothing to do with Bowden.

"Friends that were with Harper say that Tommy was calling his phone nonstop after the announcement and that Cullen ignored him," reads another Tigertown text we received yesterday. "The players are with Cullen. They are pissed (Bowden) is trying to put the blame on them."

Not hard to agree with Harper. He's more than proved that when he has a whisper of a chance to throw the ball, that he is capable of making things happen. The young offensive line has let him and the fine stable of running backs down this year. This is something that only the coaches could fix, and they didn't. Note to coaches with star offensive players and poor offensive production, don't throw your players under the bus. Karma is a cruel mistress.

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