Fan Establishes “Make Teddy Win” Fund

In ESPN's feature on Teddy's losing streak, Sen. John McCain said that he was going to call for congressional hearings to reverse the mascot's misfortunes in the Nationals' Presidents Race.

Well, those congressional hearings are still TBD, but someone has gone out of his way to "Make Teddy Win."

Jon Halperin has set up a fund to ensure Teddy's first victory, saying that while he "can’t control the race, using principles from an idea called Game Theory... [he] can make it beneficial for those involved to at least consider letting him win a race."

According to the cause's description, 25 percent of all donations will go to D.C. Central Kitchen, while another 25 percent will go to the Fisher House Foundation.

The remaining 50 percent is where Halperin gets crafty:

If at any point in the rest of the season Teddy wins a race (and it is officially recognized by the Nats, ie no disqualification), they get the remaining 50% donated to their official charity, the Nationals Dream Foundation with no strings attached. If Teddy fails to win a race the remaining money is split evenly between the two other charities mentioned above.

Clever, Mr. Halperin. Very clever indeed.

You know what they say about D.C.: "It was built on a stagnant swamp some 200 years ago, and very little has changed. It stank then, and it stinks now."

Wait, that was Lisa Simpson.

I got it: "Everybody has a price."

Close enough. Donate now.

(H/T Let Teddy Win)

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