Draft Day: Will the Redskins Screw It Up?

Lineman or quarterback?

On the eve of the first round of the NFL Draft, football fans everywhere debate who their favorite team should draft.

Thanks to last year's debacle, the Redskins have the No. 4 pick overall. Everyone knows the team needs help on the offensive line, and the Skins most likely will take Russell Okung or Trent Williams.

But hold that thought.

What happens if the St. Louis Rams pick one of the defensive tackles with the first pick? Detroit and Tampa Bay won't draft a quarterback. So that leaves the possibilty the Skins could draft quarterback Sam Bradford, trade down, or take the offensive lineman with the pick.

The Skins won't draft Bradford since they now have Donovan McNabb, right? Wrong! Remember McNabb only has one year left on his contract. The Skins could pick Bradford, and he could learn from McNabb and then he could take over the team in 2011.

Bradford has arrived in New York City for the draft and talked about his earlier visit with the Redskins.

With all the recent Terrell Owens talk of coming to Washington, you just never know. Dan Snyder owns the team, so never say never.

So at about 8 p.m. Thursday, don't be surprised if you hear Bradford's name called with the No. 4 pick.

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