Diplomatic Nats Fans Extend Foam Finger to Germany

The Bullpen Opens Friday Night

In an effort to strengthen German-American transatlantic relations, all 20 Nationals fans will flock to the opening of a beer garden called The Bullpen on Friday before the team's game against Phillies. 

The symbolic move of bringing the distinctly American pastime of baseball together with the German pastime of drinking beer is an overture of cooperation to Germany.

Sike!  They're just doing it for the beer.

Let's just hope this Bullpen will be better than the Nats' actual bullpen... 

The Bullpen will be located across from Nationals Park on the corner of N St and Half St, and will feature a 3,200-square-foot tented Bud Light beer garden, interactive sports games for children (not in the beer garden), food vendors such as Rocklands BBQ and Surfside Restaurant, and a stage for live music.

Doors will open two hours before every home game and will close at midnight. 

Check out a picture of the entrance over at JDLand.com.

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