Cooley, Roddy and the Flying Squirrel

Chris Cooley called in to ESPN’s First Take on Friday to discuss the state of the Redskins. Near the end of the chat, we learned that Falcons wide receiver Roddy White has a bone to pick with Cooley.

White has challenged Cooley to a wrestling match at mid-field of the Georgia Dome, and has accused the Redskins tight end of ducking him at the Pro Bowl.

Cooley tells the story a little differently.

“Roddy knows that is absolutely not true,” he said. “I was at the Pro Bowl out there doing some interviews, obviously he was playing and I tried to set up a match the whole week. I was actually personally asked by Mike Smith to please not wrestle his receiver.

“I’m not saying he’s ducking me but I’m saying I’m willing to wrestle Roddy anytime he wants.”

Cooley finished by saying that he’s working on his Flying Squirrel.

We suggest that Mr. White might refer to this video before pursuing this challenge.

We also  imagine there’s some sort of “Flying Squirrel” clause in Cooley’s contract preventing him from wrestling mouthy wide receivers.

Especially since the Flying Squirrel looks like this:

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