Capitals' Netting Has Fans Angry

The Capitals came away with the preseason victory over Columbus on Monday night. Unfortunately, some Caps fans in attendance at Verizon Center did not get to see all the action as clearly as they would have liked.

The team has installed white netting around the ice -- a league-wide practice for the safety of the fans (or to keep flying, Old Bay seasoned crabs away from the players). But apparently the white nets reflect light and are hard to see through, leaving quite a few people disgruntled.

And those agitated fans may have a valid point.

Check out these photos taken from the same seats last season, and then again during Monday's game. The black netting has been replaced with white and the difference is literally glaring.

The reaction on Twitter was swift and harsh.

We've reached out to the team to find out if these new white nets are a permanent fixture or just a temporary annoyance. As always, we'll update you when we hear back.

Photos above with permission by @cnichols14

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