10 Things With Adam Carriker

We know a lot about our favorite athletes on the field. Their stats and bios are easily googled and we read about their on-field accomplishments often. But how much do we really know about them personally?

Since we’re curious, we’ve asked our favorite athletes to tell us 10 things that we don’t know about them.
Today we have the Redskins’ Adam Carriker (@adamcarriker), whose career after football is one we’d definitely like to see.

Take it away, Adam…

10 Things You Don’t Know About Me, by Adam Carriker

1. I thought I was going to be a pro baseball player growing up.

2. My favorite sport growing up was actually basketball.

3. The reason for #1 and #2 is my dad wouldn't let me play football until the 7th grade.

4. My next career is going to be as a pro wrestler.

5. I grew up riding four-wheelers.

6. I fulfilled a lifelong dream by playing at Nebraska.

7. I haven't ridden a four-wheeler in a while. Now my family likes to water ski, wake board, snow ski and snow board. I'm safe -- I stick to tubing and knee boarding.

8. I played quarterback in high school. I've out-thrown a national championship-winning quarterback in Scott Frost and a Heisman-winning quarterback in Troy Smith. I've thrown a football 85 yards and a baseball 93 mph.

9. I love the mountains and lakes.

10. I think I would make a great tight end also.



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