Everybody Poops: White House Denies Bo's Mile-High Mistake

A number two on Air Force One?

Brace yourselves for Poopergate.

Rumor has it that a certain Portuguese water dog made a stealthy deposit on Air Force One, and a flight attendent nearly stepped in it.

Two contacts in the 89th Airlift Wing -- which includes Air Force One -- separately confirmed the dirty drop, but wouldn't go on the record, reports Washington Wire of the Wall Street Journal.

And in the meantime, the White House is opting for an age-old political tactic: deny, deny, deny.

A White House press official was certain -- the scoop on the poop was a crock. The press office checked with the Air Force One flight crew who said Bo had not desecrated the jet.

In the past, Obama has 'fessed up to dealing with Bo's bathroom duties.

“We go out and we’re walking and I’m picking up poop, and in the background is the beautifully lit White House,” the president said. “It’s quite a moment.”


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Herb McConnell, former public affairs officer for Andrews Air Force Base, told Washington Wire that the story of the Air Force One Number Two seemed logical enough, and "not as bad" as some he's heard.

 Sounds to us like Bo might not have learned all his plane manners yet: Cover your mouth when you cough, don't use your cell phone and definitely don't poop in the aisle. In human years, he's about seven years old -- in other words, if he were human, you'd be taking him to a behavioral therapist by now.

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