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Vince Gray in Charge

No Smart Car, Only 3 Blackberries and a Sense of Humor



    Vincent Gray's first day as mayor of the District of Columbia. (Published Monday, Jan. 3, 2011)

    The District's new mayor showed reporters around his sixth-floor offices on Monday, his first full day on the job.

    Gray told NBC Washington he'd found some dead plants and other debris when he first visited the space. The well-appointed offices weren't used by former Mayor Adrian Fenty and had sat idle since former Mayor Tony Williams left office.

    Vince Gray seemed comfortable in the surroundings, and if you're ever invited, you'll like the space, too. Be sure to pick up a complimentary "One City'' pin on your way out.

    Gray's first full day was short on ceremony. Usually, new mayors hold a press event or two showing that they are in charge. Gray didn't even get to his office until almost 2 p.m. But that doesn't mean he wasn't working. Gray said that among other things, he had been briefed at home by Police Chief Cathy Lanier about six serious shootings over the weekend.

    Another change from Fenty? Gray won't be driving himself around town in a Smartcar like his predecessor.  Gray arrived at the Wilson Building in an SUV driven by a plainclothes D.C. police officer.  Gray sat in the back carrying a stack of papers. He has said he can get work done, make telephone calls and, yes, even think a bit while he's riding around. And besides, Gray said, he's too tall to fit comfortably in a little Smartcar.