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Robocall Smear in Ward 1



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    Ward 1 residents have been receiving a series of anonymous calls making personal attacks against D.C. Council member Jim Graham.

    The calls say, in part, that the Ward 1 Council member is immoral. Council member Graham told NBC Washington that the robocalls make factual errors. Council member Graham also said that the robocall violates federal law.

    Council member Graham faces two challengers for his seat in Ward 1 -- but both candidates, Jeff Smith and Bryan Weaver, denied that their campaigns were responsible for the robocalls.

    The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 probihits automated calls that do not identify the source of the call and provide contact information for the caller. The Ward 1 robocalls do neither.

    There are at least two robocall scripts, and they appear to be related.

    Both the FBI and Metropolitan Police Department are investigating the source of the robobcalls.