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More Census for Less



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    One of the government's more popular programs is only going to shine brighter in the eyes of Americans when they find out what it cost them.

    Due to strong public response and easy implementation, the AP reports, the 2010 census will save $1.6 billion taxpayer dollars. Now eyeing the finish line, Census Bureau officials say that they were able to spare money set aside for emergency outreach in the case natural disaster or flu outbreak.

    Fortunately for how-many-ever residents there are in this country, the worst case never came to pass. Nor did the execution of the census present many problems. In fact, the high mail response rate -- 72 percent -- helped the Census Bureau to spend short of its original $14.7 billion budget.

    When results are released in late December, the census will be used to determine the allocation of House seats and more than $400 billion in federal aid.