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Homeowners Association Sues Maryland County Exec

Johnson disputes allegation



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    Jack Johnson, world traveler.

    A homeowners association in his own jurisdiction is suing Prince George’s County Executive Jack Johnson, claiming he hasn’t paid his dues.

    Court documents show the Kettering association is seeking about $1,500 in unpaid fees for a home on Bennington Road.

    Johnson owns that property, and rents it out, according to the Washington Post. He called the suit unfounded and claimed he’s always paid his dues.

    The county executive said rather than pay, he is standing up for his principles.

    “My thing is, look, I’m not just going to give my money away … because you’re the county executive, people feel like you’re going to pay just to avoid being embarrassed,” Johnson told the Post.

    Johnson also pointed out that he is paying his lawyer more than the value of the claim. His case will be in court next month.

    Jack Johnson is in the last year of his role as county executive and cannot run for re-election because of term limits.