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D.C. Resolution Would End Business Ties to Arizona

Move in response to Arizona's new immigration law



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    The D.C. Council is turning its collective back on Arizona.

     It’s in response to the state’s new immigration law that has triggered anger and protests across the country.
    D.C. Councilman Michael Brown (I-At Large) introduced a resolution Tuesday calling on the city to stop doing business with Arizona.
    Specifically, the resolution asks the city government and employee retirement fund to divest from all state and municipal bonds issued by Arizona. It also bans city employees from attending conferences or any other event held in the state.
    All 13 D.C. Council members support the resolution.  
    Among other things, the Arizona law gives police more latitude to stop and question anyone they suspect may be in this country illegally. Brown said it encourages racial profiling. 
    "The last time citizens were required to carry papers was in the slave era in the South," Brown told The Washington Post.
    "I can't think of a more horrific action than one taken by Arizona," said Council Chairman Vincent C. Gray. "We are in 2010, not 1810 and we don't need to harken back to the days when racial discrimination was rampant. We need to do everything we can in the District of Columbia because this is the right thing to do."
    No word when the council will vote on the resolution.