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Fire, Police Chiefs Make More Than Governors



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    Fire and police chiefs in the Washington area are making more than the governors, a Washington Examiner investigation reports.

    The chief of D.C. police, Cathy Lanier, draws an annual salary of $253,000, according to the report.  The head of Montgomery County police, Chief Thomas Manger is also draws well into the six figures, making $216,000 a year.

    Maryland's governor makes significantly less - Martin O'Malley earns an austere $150,000.  Virginia governor Bob McDonnell only makes a few bucks more, taking home $175,000 per year.

    Local fire chiefs are doing better than these chief executives.  Montgomery County fire chief Richard Bowers earns $190,000 per year, followed by D.C. fire chief Kenneth Ellerbe, who makes $187,000.  The Fairfax fire chief makes as much as McDonnell, taking home $175,000 annually.