“The Voice” Blind Auditions Night 2: Pharrell Takes the Lead

Out of 22 hopefuls, only six didn't make it to the next round, but not for any serious lack of talent.

It was night two of "The Voice's" blind auditions, and the teams are already coming together quite nicely. Out of 22 hopefuls, only six didn't make it to the next round, but not for any serious lack of talent.

Not only has the singing been great, but the coaches have made these first two nights of the singing competition incredibly fun. New coaches Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams seem to blend perfectly with the bromantic yet insulting back-and-forth between Blake Shelton and Adam Levine. At various points, we found ourselves forgetting that this was a singing show and not a "Friends"-style comedy about a group of goofy musicians in fancy chairs.

Since it is, in fact, a singing show about a bunch of goofy musicians in fancy chairs, we decided to see if we could determine which goofy musician is winning based on how many chairs turned around for each of their team members. The results may shock you!

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Team Adam:
Joe Kirk, 17: sang "Lego House," 4 chairs
Clara Hong, 22: sang "Chuck E's In Love," 3 chairs
Damien: sang "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye To Yesterday," 4 chairs

Total: 11 chairs

Team Gwen:
Menlick Zergabachew, 19: sang "Santeria," 2 chairs
Sugar Jonas, 24: sang "Chain of Fools," 2 chairs
Bryana Salaz, 16: sang "Problem," 3 chairs
Taylor John Williams: sang "Heartless," 3 chairs

Total: 10 chairs

Team Pharrell:
DaNica Shirley, 25, York, PA; sang "Big White Room," 3 chairs
Taylor Phelan, 25, Sherman, TX; sang "Sweater Weather," 4 chairs
Mayia Sykes, 31, Los Angeles, CA; sang "Stay With Me," 4 chairs
Luke Wade, 31, Dublin, TX; sang "How Strong My Love Is," 4 chairs
ElyJuh Rene: sang "XO," 2 chairs

Total: 17 chairs

Team Blake:
Reagan James, 15, Burleson, TX; sang "Give Me Love," 2 chairs
Taylor Brashears, 21, Nashville, TN; sang "You Ain't Woman Enough," 3 chairs
Allison Bray: sang "Merry Go Round," 3 chairs
James David Carter: sang "Nobody Knows It But Me," 4 chairs

Total: 12 chairs

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The current winner is...Pharrell Williams!

Of course, Pharrell does have the most team members, but he also has the highest number of team members who got all 4 coaches to turn around. Even without any one of his singers, he would still be in the lead.

Are you shocked at the totals so far? Or are you completely unsurprised, given the fact that Pharrell is a talented artist producer who could be partially credited for the success of many other artists? While we absolutely love the R&B star as a coach, we're a little surprised since he's so new to the show.

Hit the comments to let us know who you're rooting for so far, and stay tuned to see if Pharrell keeps up his lead, or if the chair total has anything to do with who actually wins the season.

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