Sissy Spacek: Movie Version of “The Help” in Good Hands

The many fans of Kathryn Stockett's novel "The Help" can rest assured -- the film adaptation is showing every sign of being a quality product.

How can you go wrong when Sissy Spacek is heading down to Mississippi to join the already talented cast of actresses enlisted to bring the story to the screen? 

Spacek admits to PopcornBiz that she is a fan. "It's a wonderful book," she says. "I loved the writing."

Spacek, who just completed press work for her film "Get Low," will play the mother to Bryce Dallas Howard. We'll see a baddie in Howard, who plays the book's notorious Hilly Holbrock in the the story of African-American maids working in Jackson, Mississippi, white households during the early 1960s.

Besides being a fan, Spacek knows the director of the Dreamworks film will stay true to the book. After all, Tate Taylor is childhood best friends with the book's author.

"They grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, together," says Spacek, "So they know all of these people, they are real people."

Spacek tells a story about the two friends seemingly daydreaming at an early age about respectively writing a book and directing a movie. The dream has become a reality in adult life, ironically on the same story.

 "So they have worked together in the adaptation," says Spacek.

In fact, Stockett has been exceedingly pleased with the script by Taylor -- even with the small changes to the story.

"There are a few things he added that she said to him, 'I wish you had told me that when I was writing the book.' "

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