Posterize: “My Week With Marilyn,” “Hunger Games” & More

"Hunger Games"!

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My Week With Marilyn
This might be the best photo yet of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe from this film about the sex symbol's dalliance with a young assistant while in London shooting a film with Laurence Olivier. Opens Nov. 18, watch the trailer
nMark Wahlberg stars in this remake of an Icelandic thriller about an ex-smuggler who gets sucked back into the life for one last job to help his family out of a jam—tough break, man. Opens Jan. 13, watch the trailer
The Vow
nChanning Tatum stars as a man who must woo his wife , Rachel McAdams, all over again after she loses her memory in a terrible car accident. We had totally forgotten about this one, probably will again. Opens Feb. 14, watch the trailer
We Need to Talk About Kevin
nDirector Lynne Ramsay's film starring Tilda Swinton as a mother trying to come to grips with her hatred for her sociopathic son has been earning raves. Opens Dec. 2, watch the trailer
New Year's Eve
nThis poster does a great job of focusing on its prime draw—the list of more than a dozen celebrities that star in it. Opens Dec. 9, watch the trailer
Ice Age 4
nManny, Diego, and Sid Set sail on an ice floe for new adventures, while Scrat comes face-to-face yet again with his notorious acorn. Opens July 13, watch the trailer
The Hunger Games
nJennifer Lawrence stars as Katniss, the heroine of this franchise based on the series of novels set in a distant future where kids must go to war to fight for their tribes' survival. Hope eight character posters is enough for you. Opens March 23.
Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
nAlvin, Simon and Theodore take their lady friend, The Chipettes, on a cruise, but their shenanigans get out of hand, causing the boat to become shipwrecked. Their agents all demanded they each get their own poster. Opens Dec. 16, watch the trailer
nFrom the folks who made "Coraline" comes this story of a boy who must use his ability to speak with the dead to combat an ancient curse that threatens his hometown. Opens Aug. 17, watch the trailer
Into the Abyss
nDirector Werner Herzog's latest documentary focuses on what drives people to commit murder and what makes the state think it's OK to kill them for doing so. Watch the trailer
Madison County
nIt looks like a generic kids lost in the woods slasher flick, but for some reason the poster makes us laugh, and we admire their moxie for claiming the film is based on a true story.
The Innkeepers
nWith the Yankee Pedlar Inn on the verge of being shuttered, two employees are determined to prove once and for all that it's haunted, as a number of strange guests begin to check in during the hotels final days. Opens March 12, watch the trailer
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