No! Jake Wants Another Shot at “Bachelor”

Horrifying news by way by US Weekly, which has a cover headline "Jake Pavelka Begs to Be New Bachelor" on the current issue.

Shocking in the wake of Pavelka's ill-fated train wreck of a break-up with Vienna Girardi, the woman he professed his undying love for during his own stint on "The Bachelor."

The mag quotes a source saying that "Jake has made it clear he would do ("The Bachelor") again in a heartbeat."

No duh! To get the opportunity to have 25 members of the opposite sex scratching each other's eyes out for the opportunity to hang out in a jacuzzi for five minutes is something most people wouldn't mind happening to them once in their lifetime.

Having it on national television is very much another matter. But still you get the idea that for a certain type of person, Jake was standing on reality-television's Mount Olympus. The fact that he ended up empty-handed is his own fault.

He had his moment. He immediately gravitated towards the wild-child Vienna despite every signal in the world that he was making the wrong choice. Contestants hated her so much they spent their precious Jake time putting her down, like so many reality star Marines jumping on grenades.

There was no telling him differently. God himself could not have stopped him from making that foolish Vienna choice with locusts and thunderbolts.

Sure enough, it was just a matter of time before the screaming and yelling started on national television no less. To their credit, the couple made it through Jake's foray on "Dancing with the Stars" before the ugliness really leaked out.

The unwritten "Bachelor" rule is you can have another chance if you've been done wrong or grievously overlooked. But there's no second chance for making the bonehead choice. You just have to live with it.

Jake's just going to have to live with his next "Bachelor" opportunity - "The Bachelor Pad, Season Two."

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