Not Just a Job, A Series of Adventures

Man sets out to work 50 jobs in 50 weeks

At this rate, Daniel Seddiqui's resume is going to look like the telephone book pretty soon.

The 27-year-old job jockey set out last September to work 50 jobs in 50 weeks in all 50 states. So far, his adventure in employment has seen him make furniture with the Amish in Pennsylvania, give the weather forecast on TV in Cleveland, mine coal in West Virginia, coach high school football in Alabama and perform wedding ceremonies in Las Vegas.

"I try to find jobs that relate to the culture of the state," Seddiqui told the New York Daily News. That explains stints making cheese in Wisconsin, processing maple syrup in Vermont and working as a border patrol agent in Arizona.

Seddiqui launched his ambitious project after graduating from University of Southern California and realizing he didn't know what he wanted to do. In a struggling economy with unemployment rapidly closing in on double-digits, Seddiqui has had no trouble landing gigs -- even if he doesn't stick around for very long.

"You have to be able to go out of your comfort zone and be sure of yourself and know that you're going to make things work out," Seddiqui told the Daily News.

He's made about $60,000 so far, including $2,000 in one week working as a medical equipment manufacturer in Minnesota. The lowest paying job was working side-by-side with the Amish for $100. Two jobs he won't be returning to: Making cheese ("It smells like dirty socks") and dressing like a pharaoh on stilts at Universal Studios in Orlando (he fell).

All the jobs may actually lead to one Seddiqui likes. He's writing a book about his effort and he's in talks to do a reality show that would have him reprising his adventure in Europe. And there's one more benefit Seddiqui says he's reaped from his whirlwind year of work.

"I'm dating as many women as I can along the way," he said.

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