No Mass Shootings in Australia in 20 Years

In 1996, a 28-year-old shot and killed 35 people in a café in Tasmania, prompting the call for stricter gun laws in Australia

There were no mass shootings in Australia in the 20 years since the country enacted gun law reforms, according to a study, NBC News reported. 

Researchers at the University of Sydney conducting the study said they can’t prove the measures caused the fall in gun-related deaths, but say they are worth discussing. 

Australia banned certain weapons in 1997, forcing owners to sell nearly 660,000 back to the government, according to the researchers. Another study showed that gun-related homicides dropped 7.5 percent per year following the reforms. 

The University of Sydney study was done to mark the 20th anniversary of the Australian law. It also coincides with a push in U.S. Congress to enact some reforms after the deadly mass shooting in Orlando in which 49 people were killed.

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