Sharon Stone Granted Restraining Order from Stalker

Sharon Stone reportedly won a restraining order Thursday from a man who cops said broke into the “Basic Instinct” star's Los Angeles home earlier this month and bizarrely claimed it as his own.

Bradley Gooden told cops he was the son of Hillary Clinton, had penned “The King’s Speech” at age two and had traveled from Ohio to California because Clinton had bought Stone’s house expressly for him, E! News reported, citing court documents.

Cops described Gooden, 38, as delusional and “possibly schizophrenic,” E! reported.

Stone said in court papers the mom of three was living “in fear” and Gooden’s actions were “seriously alarming, annoying and harassing me."

After being sent to a psych ward, Gooden was released to a halfway house on Monday, according to reports.

The next hearing on extending Stone’s 100-yard restraining order is set for March 9, Reuters reported.

Selected Reading: Reuters, E!

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