“Top Model” Designer Gets Life in Prison for Rape

Models face their tormentor in court

Disgraced celebrity fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander was sentenced to 59 years to life for raping young models he had lured to his Beverly Hills apartment with the promise of work.

The 35-year-old, who has appeared on “America’s Next Top Model” and counted Paris Hilton and Mary J. Blige as clients, reportedly stared blankly as a judge read his sentence for 14 counts, including forcible rape, on Monday.

"Mr. Alexander has showed no remorse for his actions," Superior Court Judge David Wesley said as a group of 13 of Alexander’s accusers sat in the jury box and cried, The Associated Press reported.

Three of the models spoke out against their abuser. 

"I was 14. You took my adolescence, my trust, my dream and completely manipulated them for your sexual desires," said one of the women, who is now 17. "It sickens me that a grown man can do such a thing to a girl. A girl who was naive and had the belief that all people were good. And you took that to your advantage."

Another young model described herself as “the biggest daddy’s girl in the world." She then described the pain of having to tell her father she was raped.

"Now every day I have to cope with my family having to relive all of this and it absolutely kills me," she said.

Earlier, Judge Wesley denied Alexander’s appeal for a new trial over allegations of jury tampering and a cop conspiracy against him.

Prosecutors told the AP that Alexander faces similar charges in New York and Texas.

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