Man Desperate for Beer Calls 911 for a Ride

Man tried to deny calling 911 nine times for a ride to get beer, police said

A drunk Tennessee man went to great lengths to try and buy beer — calling 911 for help making a much-needed beer run, police said.

In a 12-hour span, Allen Troy Brooks of Columbia, Tenn., dialed the emergency service line nine times, according to police, the Columbia Daily Herald reported.

He hung up most of those times, but on at least one of them, he managed to ask the dispatcher if he could get a ride to buy beer, police said.

"I want to go to the store to get me a beer. I'll pay you," Brooks said, according to the 911 call recording.

"Sir. I can't take you to the store and get you a beer," the dispatcher replied.

Police were eventually dispatched to his residence — but not to drive him to the store.

"I tried to tell him that if he cooperated, he would have just been issued a citation. But we knew if he wasn’t arrested, he wasn’t going to stop,” Officer Seneca Shield told the Daily Herald.

Brooks was charged with aggravated 911 calls in a non-emergency situation. He has been released on $1,500 bond.

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