Lock Your Doors, Anthony Hopkins to Play a Villain Again

Sir Anthony Hopkins is one of our greatest living actors, but might very well be the best bad guy of all time. So we're thrilled with the news that Hopkins is in final negotiations to play the villain in "Arabian Nights."

Many of us would have gladly sacrificed the liver of a census taker and a nice Chianti to make this happen.

A long way from Hannibal Lecter or even the crafty Richard in "The Lion in Winter," Hopkins will play an evil sorcerer who killed Sinbad's favorite mermaid and is looking to amass more magic for himself in "Arabian Nights," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Liam Hemsworth, who had it easy starring alongside Miley Cyrus in "The Last Song,"  will play a young commander who joins forces with Sinbad, Ali Baba and the Genie from the magic lamp to rescue their endangered queen from evil forces.

Having seen "The Last Song" and despite Hemsworth's mighty pecs, my money is on Hopkins, any day. One steely look and Hemsworth would run like the puppy dog he is. But the inevitable onscreen battle results remain to be seen. We cannot wait. An end of summer shoot looks to be in the works.

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