Lea Thompson on “Back to the Future”, “Red Dawn” Remakes

When Lea Thompson arrived at the Hollywood Awards on Monday night to promote her new indie feature, "The Trouble with the Truth," we knew she was just the person to speak to about Hollywood's rash of remakes.

As Hollywood cherry picks and decimates the great films of our childhood—"Arthur," "Footloose," "The Karate Kid"—and eyes even more sacred ground—don't get us started on "Dirty Dancing" again—we asked Thompson, aka: Marty McFly's mother, if she thought there was any chance of a studio hacking up one of the holy grails of the 80s, "Back to the Future."

Asked if she had anything to say to people thinking of defiling it, Thompson politely offered, "They could still give Chris Lloyd the job of Doc Brown. Give him that job, make my daughter be the young me and let me be the old me. I'm looking for a job in a big movie."

"That was a great part," she continued. "I was great in it. I can't say that about all the parts I've done, but I can say it about 'Back to the Future.' I have other things people love. Half the fans that come up to me, for whatever reason, love 'Howard the Duck.' People cry about 'Space Camp,' they are in tears and shaking and say, 'It changed my life.' People became physicists because of it!"

Asked her opinion on remakes and reboots, Thompson simply smirked, "Well, you know, they already remade 'Red Dawn.'" When we pointed out that the sanitized, politically correct redo (booooring) had, mercifully, been sitting on a shelf for since 2010 and would have stayed there had FilmDistrict not gummed up the works by signing a release deal for 2012 (which we pray falls through), she laughed, "We love fans like you!"

Next up, Thompson will be seen in Clint Eastwood's Oscar bait, "J. Edgar," which, she says with a laugh, "I hope I'm still in! Please call me and tell me!"

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