“Knuckle” Trailer a Look at the Madness of Irish Bareknuckle Boxing

Remember Brad Pitt's hilariously unintelligible turn in Guy Ritchie's "Snatch"? Someone's gone a made a movie about the culture from whence that character was born.

"Knuckle" made a big splash at Sundance this past winter, focusing on the Quinns and the Joyces, two clans who hate each other so much that they settle their disputes and affirm their honor by punching the crap out of each other. Videographer Ian Palmer was originally hired to film a Quinn wedding and stumbled upon a mother lode of lunacy. And now it's coming to the big screen:

In case you had trouble making out what folks were saying, here's a bit from the film's synopsis:

In addition to sharing a Traveller heritage, the Quinns and Joyces are united by mutual hatred. Instead of resolving their issues in court or killing each other, the menfolk engage in bare-knuckle fights for honor and cash. One would think that a couple of fights would be enough to end a feud. However, the two families hated each other so much that they have continued to beat each other up for over 12 years.

"Knuckle" opens Dec. 2, but if you just can;t wait, it's already available on DVD and VOD.

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