Jimmy Fallon and Jake Gyllenhaal Have a Spitting Good Time on ‘The Tonight Show'

It was definitely "Ew!" but not in the usual "Tonight Show" way.

Nowhere in sight was Fallon's slang-talking, teenage-girl alter ego, instead, during Monday night's show, it was actor Jake Gyllenhaal helping the late night host bring a whole different kind of "ew" thanks to an overload of spitting.

Fallon and Gyllenhaal took an imaginary trip down memory lane to revisit a 1980s TV series the host said they both starred in called "Point Pleasant Police Department."

According to Gyllenhaal, it was his "most intense" role. 

During the skit Fallon and Gyllenhaal continuously used words beginning with the hard "p" sounds. Words that allowed them to spit coffee, crackers, popcorn, apples, whipped cream and Prosecco all over each other. 

Over the course of three "scenes," the spillage and hilarity grew to a point that both performers could no longer keep a straight face, breaking character through laughter over and over again.

Check out the explosive video above. 

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