George Lucas Does NOT Have 50 Hours of Star Wars TV in the Can

George Lucas recently gave an interview with G4 at the grand re-opening of the "Star Tours" ride at Disneyland that has sent the internet ablaze. Lucas let slip that he had "50 hours" of material for a live-action Star Wars TV series on the shelf, and he's just waiting for the right technology to come along to make production of it all more feasible. 

In an instant, this became "GEORGE LUCAS HAS SHOT 50 HOURS OF A STAR WARS TV SHOW!!!"

Slow down.

He hasn't shot a thing. Do you really think - in this day and age - he could covertly cast, produce, and shoot 50 hours of Star Wars TV without anyone knowing? Hasbro can't even keep their toy packaging plans from leaking on the web.

A quick call in to Lucasfilm is all you need. We did just that, and they confirmed that Lucas is referring to "50 hours" of scripts that have not been shot, and nothing more.

Or IS HE?*

* He is.

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