George Lopez: Conan and I Can Be Like Carson/Letterman

George Lopez is more than happy to follow Conan O’Brien’s lead.

The two comics, whose individual talk shows comprise the new TBS late night lineup bowing in November, have their production teams keeping in close contact to create a two-hour block that’s as complementary as the heyday of the Johnny Carson-hosted “Tonight Show” and David Letterman’s “Late Night,” Lopez said.

“We will be doing things together and our shows will be uniquely different but compatible,” Lopez told Popcorn Biz. “It’s been exciting because I drive by his stage every day and I think that the two of us together will be a match like Carson and Letterman back in the day.  It will be a nice place for people to watch and see a younger audience.”

Lopez joked that their shows will be so in sync they’re becoming as close as…sisters?

“We’re going to the same schedule, like when you work with women and sometimes their cycles match,” said Lopez. “Conan and I are matching our cycles so that whenever he’s off for the week, I’m off for the week. I think women can relate to that, we’re trying to get a female audience, and when we’re not in the best moods we’ll be at home eating chocolate.”


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