America's Smallest Town Hits the Auction Block

Bidding for the 10-acre town with a population of one starts at $100,000

$100,000 could buy you America’s smallest town.

Buford, Wyo., is up for auction — the starting bid for the 10-acre town with a population of one is $100,000. 

Your money will not only buy you the 82052 ZIP code, but the lucky winner will also receive Buford’s trading post, gas station and post office.

Buford’s current owner, Don Sammons, told USA Today he hopes that the town’s new owner will “keep Buford moving into the 21st century.” Sammons has lived in Buford since 1980 and bought the town in 1992. 

Since Williams & Williams, an auction house based in Oklahoma, put Buford up on its website, the company says that people from more than 70 countries have checked the listing.

Other towns are also up for auction. Pray, Mont. is currently listed for $1.4 million. Pray has a population of eight residents and the town includes a trailer park, a post office and Barbara Walker’s photography studio, USA Today reports.

Buford may be the smallest town in America, but it certainly isn’t overlooked. Buford is located on Interstate 80, and Sammons says that in the summer months more than 1,000 people stop in the town every day.

The online auction will take place Thursday at

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