ICaramba! Apple's Long, Awesome Year

Have we all forgotten (forgiven?) that Apple called the had-to-have, honest-to-goodness "leap forward technology" ... the iPad

Second-guessing the name lasted for about as long as a drink at the water cooler. Then we had the pad in our hands.

At that point, Steve Jobs could have called it Virus Friendly Leisure Device and it would have sold 12 million units -- which it did. As Silicon Alley Insider puts it: "[the pad] basically created a new form of computing." Silicon Alley Insider has a slideshow showing Apple's awesome year here.

Apple went on to pick a fight with Adobe Flash, offer iPhone4s that had touchy antenna/reception glitches (but still sold 14.1 million units) and has sold more than 1 million AppleTVs.

It even met -- and passed -- Microsoft's market capitalization.

Applications, and their developers, are sharing in about $1 billion in revenue sharing. And iAd is out and about for new pad development.

Oh, and The Beatles came home, in a way, to Apple, too.

Jobs' ecosystem is alive and kicking ass moving into 2011.

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