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Beautiful, Liar: Google Trends' Most Misspelled Words by State



    11-Year-Old Born Deaf Among Nation's Top Spellers

    An 11-year-old South Carolina boy who was born deaf competed in the 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee. (Published Thursday, May 26, 2016)

    Beayutiful. Beeyoutiful? Bootiful? If you know how to spell the word "beautiful," you might actually be in the minority. According to Google Trends, it's the most commonly misspelled word in New York — and in four other states. 

    With the best spellers in the country descending on Washington, D.C., this week for the annual Scripps National Spelling Bee, Google took a look at the rest of us, analyzing word searches (how do you spell ... ?) to come up with the most flubbed commonly words in each state so far this year. 

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    Beautiful was a fail for New York (for the second consecutive year), California, Kentucky, Minnesota and Ohio — the greatest number of states to share a word. New Jerseyans have the most trouble with the word "twelve," a change from "February" in 2016, while Connecticut appears to be the wisest among us. 

    In the Constitution State, the most misspelled word is "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," according to Google — same for West Virginia. In 2016, though, Connecticut had trouble with "desert."

    USA Today did the favor of turning Google's infographic into a list of the most misspelled search words in all states. See yours below (and if you think you're above all this, see if you can spell the knockout words that booted the nation's best spellers from the Scripps competition over the last five years.)  

    • Alabama: pneumonia
    • Alaska: schedule
    • Arizona: tomorrow
    • Arkansas: chihuahua
    • California: beautiful
    • Colorado: tomorrow
    • Connecticut: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    • Delaware: hallelujah
    • Washington, D.C.: ninety
    • Florida: receipt
    • Georgia: gray
    • Hawaii: people
    • Idaho: quote
    • Illinois: pneumonia
    • Indiana: hallelujah
    • Iowa: vacuum
    • Kansas: diamond
    • Kentucky: beautiful
    • Louisiana: giraffe
    • Maine: pneumonia
    • Maryland: special
    • Massachusetts: license
    • Michigan: pneumonia
    • Minnesota: beautiful
    • Mississippi: nanny
    • Missouri: maintenance
    • Montana: surprise
    • Nebraska: suspicious
    • Nevada: available
    • New Hampshire: difficult
    • New Jersey: twelve
    • New Mexico: bananas
    • New York: beautiful
    • North Carolina: angel
    • North Dakota: dilemma
    • Ohio: beautiful
    • Oklahoma: patient
    • Oregon: sense
    • Pennsylvania: sauerkraut
    • Rhode Island: liar
    • South Carolina: chihuahua
    • South Dakota: college
    • Tennessee: chaos
    • Texas: maintenance
    • Utah: disease
    • Vermont: Europe
    • Virginia: delicious
    • Washington: pneumonia
    • West Virginia: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    • Wisconsin: Wisconsin
    • Wyoming: priority