'85 Bears Reunite for “Shuffle” Remake

This time Ditka's in the mix

Thank goodness for the ’85 Bears.

If it weren’t for their historically awesome 46-10 Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots it would be tough to call Chicago a football town.

Perhaps sensing that this city needed a fresh reminder of what a good football team looks like, members of the ‘ol shufflin’ crew got back together  to record a Super Bowl Shuffle reunion video.

The reunion, organized by Sprint/Boost Mobile for a commercial, features Punky QB Jim McMahon, Steve Fuller, Richard Dent, Willie Gault, Maury Buford, Otis Wilson and Mike Singletary.

"Da Coach," Mike Ditka even gets in on the act this time around.

The :30 second spot will air during that commercial bonanza known as the Super Bowl on Feb. 7.

There are a few slight differences: all of the players will sport Singletary’s No. 50 jersey to highlight Boost Mobile’s $50 plan. And, well, the guys are older.

Other than that, "It looks exactly the same," says Willie Gault, on ESPNChicago.com. "Otis [Wilson] said probably the carpet is still the same."

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