Woman Gets Ice Cream, Bloody Cone at Mickey D's

Cashier thought his cut had stopped bleeding

The next time you're going through the drive-through window at McDonald's, check to make sure the person handing you the food is wearing gloves.

Or you could end up like a woman in Frederick, Md., who discovered blood on her ice cream.  After she had eaten part of it. (Do we even need to add, "Eeeewwwww"?)

The cashier, a college student who works part time at the McDonald's, had a cut on his finger and thought it had stopped bleeding, according to an inspection report from the Frederick County Health Department.

The employee bandaged his hand, but did not put a glove on it, according to the report. He just kept on working, The Frederick News Post reported.

The customer, who had bought the cone when she went through the fast food restaurant's drive-thru, said she discovered the blood on the cone when she got home.  That's when she called the Health Department and McDonald's.

Sadia Anderabi, who owns the McDonald's in question, told the News Post that she offered to have the employee tested for any infectious disease and to cover any medical expenses the customer might have. Strangely, the customer did not want to be reimbursed.  (And we're betting she won't be going back to McDonald's anytime soon.)  

The employee, who -- along with his supervisor -- received a write-up on the incident, still works at the restaurant.  He's the one with the gloves on. 

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