Sophia Barnes

Watch: Dancing Package Thief Strikes in Georgetown

Several deliveries were swept off the doorstep of a Georgetown area home in a criminally bold dance performance we're calling the package thief shuffle.

It's the latest dance craze we hope doesn't spread, and a surveillance camera captured the entire act.

The suspect, decked out in a blue hooded coat and checkered black and white scarf, strolled into the yard and onto the porch on Sunday afternoon, in broad daylight. They spent some time visually casing the home on T Street Northwest, looking toward the upstairs window.

The thief then bends their knees and bows their elbows — not to scoop up packages, but the first step in the dance.

Supreme confidence is needed for the next step when the thief mimes shooting off a shotgun toward the surveillance camera.

The shuffle proceeds with a 360-degree spin and a lean on the railing before the thief scoops up three deliveries.

One the dance is complete, video released by D.C. police shows the thief quickly hopping into a black SUV and fleeing.

Police say there's a $1000 reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

And don't forget to tell the impressionable people in your life: The package thief shuffle isn't cool. Neither is riding a bus by clinging to the back bumper.

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