Northern Virginia

VDOT Wants Boats, Jet Skis Out of Commuter Lots

Did you leave your jet ski in a Northern Virginia commuter lot? You may want to move it. Authorities say they're cracking down on parking spot squatters.

Abandoned boats, food trucks and other vehicles are taking up about 100 commuter lot spaces throughout the Fredericksburg area, the Virginia Department of Transportation said.

“So, we’ve received a lot of complaints recently about the number of vehicles that have been parking here. Recreational vehicles, boats, commercial vehicles,” said Lynne Keenan, spokesperson for VDOT.

At least three jet skis were sitting in the Park and Ride lot in Stafford County Wednesday.

"This is not the appropriate use of these lots. They’re really designed for commuters and we want to make sure that we have enough space for those commuters to be able to park,” Keenan said.

To achieve that, new signs are going up to let people know that Virginia State Police are monitoring how long vehicles are left in the lots.

“Once all the signs are in place, we’re going to start tagging vehicles, suspected vehicles that are left here overnight. We’re going to tag those, give them 10 days and at that point we will start towing the vehicles from this location,” Virginia State Police spokesperson Brent Coffee said.

If your car, boat or jet ski is towed, you'll foot the bill and will have to call State Police to get it back.

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