Three Bald Eagle Nests Sighted in the District

Baby eagles may have hatched in the D.C. area!

Three bald eagle nests have been sighted in the District, indicating that eaglets are inside, or are about to hatch.

The National Park Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service conducted a helicopter survey Thursday along the Potomac and Anacostia rivers, although it had to be cut short due to wind.

All three of the nests sighted were active, with an adult either brooding (caring for young) or incubating, said the agencies.

At the National Arboretum, an adult female was spotted sitting on a nest. Experts said it was difficult to confirm whether she was incubating or brooding, but they believe there is a recent hatchling or hatchlings in the nest due to the way the female positioned her shoulders and a slight "blanketing" of her breast feathers. There were two fish in the nest.

During a ground survey the same day, a male bald eagle was seen delivering a fish to the nest. The female stood and began breaking the fish into small pieces, appearing to demonstrate feeding behavior.

The agencies will make another check of the National Arboretum in mid-April.

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