‘The Scottsboro Boys' Musical Opens in Arlington

“The Scottsboro Boys” opened at Signature Theatre in Arlington, Virginia, this week.

The musical tells the story of nine African-American boys plucked from a freight train outside Scottsboro, Alabama, in 1931. The boys were accused of raping two white woman. They were charged, tried and sentenced in the course of about two weeks and spent years caught up in a gross disregard for due process.

The show presents their story of injustice, despair and hope in blunt terms that illicit a wide range of emotions. The cast uses minstrel-style song and dance to hold a mirror to Jim Crow America and a severely flawed and unfair judicial system.

Signature Theatre says the show attacks similar injustices today, while being breathtakingly theatrical.

“The Scottsboro Boys” is set to run through July 1. There will be discussions after several shows. Go here for more details

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